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Toeside Wake Jump
Rider: Dave Barousse

Many riders have a difficult time learning a toeside wake to wake jump. The position your body is in before, during and upon landing the trick can be an awkward feeling at first, but does get easier over time. Just like the heelside wake to wake jump, toeside also requires a higher level of concentration and a better execution of proper technique. The most important part of this trick is getting your body in the proper position while edging into the wake. This will help you get the most lift off of the wake and will help you keep good control in the air. A solid progressive edge can help you get your body in the correct position and therefore will make learning this trick a lot easier and less painful. If you have not yet learned how to edge progressively into the wake, we suggest that you check out this trick tip on progressive edging before reading about this trick. Although the progressive edge trick tip shows a wakeboarder, the same concepts will still apply.

Before jumping wake to wake on your wakeskate, you should be able to do the following things:
1. Ride and be able to edge and carve well.
2. Be comfortable crossing the wakes at normal riding speed.
3. Be able to ollie.

Performing the trick
Watch this trick as a Quicktime movie (423kb) or as a Windows Media movie (246kb).

  • To set up for a toeside wake to wake jump, cut out about 10 to 15 feet into the flats on your toeside. Get flat for a second as you catch up to the boat while it begins to pull you back towards the wake. Stay squatted and keep your center of gravity low and your weight towards your toes with your knees rolled over your toes.

    Toeside Wake Jump #1

  • Increase your edge gradually as you approach the wake so that your maximum edge and line tension are when you are leaving the top of the wake. As you start to ride up the wake, put more weight towards your back foot to make sure the nose of the board doesn't catch the wake. This will also give you more of an ollie feel as you lift off of the wake.

    Toeside Wake Jump #2

  • As you get to the top of the wake, start to stand up so the wake isn't absorbed by your knees. This will give you maximum pop off of the top of the wake. Timing is import here because as the board starts to lift off of the wake, you will have to bend your knees again so that the board comes up with you and in control. You want to really suck the board up by bending your knees so that you can stay in good control.

    Toeside Wake Jump #3

  • The board will come off of the wake with the nose higher than the tail. At this point stay with it and keep bending your knees allowing the board to rise up with you in the air. When you reach the peak of the jump, the board will level out and you will start to descend. Start to look for your landing and prepare yourself for the impact.

    Toeside Wake Jump #4

  • When landing this trick, keep your knees bent to absorb the shock. Keep your center of gravity low to maintain your balance. When you hit the water, you want to continue to cut out and ride towards the shore on your toeside edge. This will help you maintain good control on your landings and will help to keep you from sliding out. Keep your knees rolled over your toes throughout this whole trick to keep your body in the right position.

    Toeside Wake Jump #5

    Style additions
    1. Grab the board
    2. Shifty the board
    3. Take it big

    Moving On
    The toeside wake to wake jump helps you do the following harder tricks:
    1. Wake to wake 180
    2. Wake to wake 1 footer
    3. Wake to wake 360

    If you have specific questions about this trick or would like to discuss it further, talk about it in the Wakeskate Discussion Forum.

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