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Heelside Backside 180
Author & Rider: Chris Bryan

The heelside backside 180 has always been one of the most favorites of all the 180's. When performed correctly, it is one of the stylish tricks that can be performed behind a boat. The reason the backside 180 is such a respectable trick is because it consist of a backside spin and a blind landing. The spin is called backside because the rider's back faces forward on the first rotation. It is a very mellow trick that can be floated high with a late spin. To prepare for taking this trick wake-to-wake, start off by learning it in the flats with an ollie. After you get that dialed in, take it to the wake, but perform the trick off of one wake. Usually, you can get a better feel for how the trick will feel wake-to-wake by learning it off of one wake, but from the inside out. When you get comfortable with a one wake backside 180, step it up to both wakes, but remember to keep your mechanics the same. When landing the backside 180, you can either pass the handle or land wrapped. Both methods feel cool, so mix it up.

Before landing the backside 180 you should be able to do the following things:
1. Jump wake to wake heelside.
2. Be able to land switch with control.
3. Be able to do an ollie backside 180.

Performing the trick
Watch this trick as a Windows Media movie (2.18MB).

  • Start from about 10-15 feet outside the wake and come in on your heels with a strong edge. I like to release the rope with my back hand just before coming off the wake in preparation for the spin.

    Heelside Backside 180

  • As you pop off the wake you want to begin your rotation once you are in the air. Suck your feet up as you rotate to keep the board with you. Try to point your toes down slightly so the bottom of the board is facing the boat, which will help keep the board with you as well Remember to keep your head up.

    Heelside Backside 180

  • Once you feel the 180 come around pass the handle and prepare for the landing. I find it easier to pass the handle late in the trick.

    Heelside Backside 180

  • You want to land with your weight over your toes. To do this try to take a bow at the end the trick. Also, remember to face the direction you are traveling. I find that a lot of people land looking backwards, instead, land with your head up and look at the shore you are going towards.

    Heelside Backside 180

    Style additions
    1. Take it big and float it
    2. Add a grab
    3. Land wrapped and tick tock out

    Moving On
    1. HS Backside 360

    If you have specific questions about this trick or would like to discuss it further, talk about it in the Wakeskate Discussion Forum.

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