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Learn How To Kickflip With George Daniels

The kickflip is now making its way into more rider's trick bags and we wanted to help you get it inot yours. The kickflip was once being perfomed by only a handful of riders and was a trick that seperated the elite riders from the good riders. It is still a milestone in any wakeskaters career today, but it is now a lot more common among riders today. This isn't because the trick has suddenly become easier to perform. It is because there are so many more good riders on the water these days and a lot better equipment.

Although there are more people doing kickflips now, it is safe to say that if you can get the technique down and start sticking them, you will more than likely still be one of the few in your area doing kickflips on the water. In another trick tip brought to you by Kampus Wakeskates, team rider and frequent Wakeskating.com visitor, George Daniels, teaches you the basic steps to a kickflip. Wakesakting.com strongly suggest that you wear a life vest when wakeskating.

Brought to you by:

Kampus Wakeskates

Before doing a kickflip on your wakeskate, you should be able to do the following things:
1. Ollie
2. Pop Shuvit
3. Ollie from the inside of the wake into the flats

Watch The Video
  • Watch kickflip video - (Quicktime File 1MB)
  • Watch kickflip video - (Windows Media 1.14MB)

    Performing The Trick - Kickflip
  • The first step is to get your feet positioned right. Daniels suggest that you put your back foot about an inch from the tail of your board and your front foot about mid way down from the nose of your skate. Slant your front foot by moving your heal away from your deck just a tad. This is only a recomendation, you can surely find a more comfortable foot position that may work better for you.


  • As you are about to make the pop off of the water, press down harder on your tail than you normally would for a straight ollie or a pop shuvit. This will give you maximum hang time to perform the flip.


  • Once you are leaving the water, flick your front foot down to flip the board and suck your knees up to your chest as much as possible. Be sure to get your feet out of the way of the board, but keep your eye on the board as it flips under you.


  • As the board comes around after a full flip, catch it with your back foot to keep it from flipping over again. Catching the board in the air will give you more control on the landing and will add a lot more style to the trick.


  • Upon landing back on the water, be sure that your feet are evenly spaced and in your normal riding position. Your front foot may not be on the board solid until you hit the water. Put some weight on your heals to get your board on edge for better control of your landing. Ride away smooth and then do the Cabbage Patch for landing your first kickflip on a wakeskate.

    Style Additions
    1. Be sure to flick your foot and not mob it
    2. Catch the board high off of the water
    3. Kickflip over something

    Moving On
    After learning a kickflip, you can move on to the following tricks.
    1. Varial flip
    2. 180 flip
    3. Switch kickflip

    Check out more video clips and still shots of the Kampus Team killing it at www.kampuswakesk8.com.

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