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Re-grip Your Skate With Leif Erkkila

Kampus Wakeskates team rider, Leif Erkkila, explains how to put new grip tape on your wakeskate. For the most part, it is a simple process if you know the tricks of the trade. A razor blade and a steady hand is required to
complete the job. If you don't think you are old enough to handle a razor blade, please ask an adult to give you a hand (, Kampus Wakeskates and Leif Erkkila are not responsible for any cuts, scrapes or stabs). Re-gripping your deck will need to be done from time to time as your grip wears down and becomes slippery.

Brought to you by:

Kampus Wakeskates

Supplies Needed To Re-grip Your Deck
  • Wakeskate without grip
  • Grip tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Razor blade
  • A steady hand and/or adult supervision

    Watch The Video
  • Re-grip Your Skate - (Quicktime File 3.11MB)
  • Re-grip Your Skate - (Windows Media 2.31MB)

    Instructions To Re-grip Your Wakeskate

  • The first step is to measure out your grip to the length of your board. If you want to cut it up and make some crazy designs, now is the time to do so. In this example, Leif is using several pieces of grip and has cut out the Kampus logo in the middle piece. Get creative! Be sure that the width of the grip goes past the edges of your board at least an inch to an inch and a half.

    Re-grip Your Skate

  • After you get an idea of how you want to lay out your grip, remove the backing and slowly lay the grip down in place on your deck. Be careful not to allow any air bubles to form as you lay the grip down.

    Re-grip Your Skate

  • After you have your grip laid down, use a screwdriver to get the grip to stick on the edges. Hold the metal shaft of the screwdriver against the edge of the board firmly and slide it back and forth. You will start to see an outline of your board as you work your way all the way around the deck.

    Re-grip Your Skate

  • The next part is the hardest part of the entire project. With a sharp razor blade, you will have to cut off the excess grip that is hanging over the edges of your deck. Make a cut into the grip and slowly push the blad towards the board until you can follow the edge. Slowly follow the outline that the screwdriver created while trying to stay as close to the edges of the board as possible. Go very slow around the cornors as they can be tricky.

    Re-grip Your Skate

  • After you cut off the excess grip, poke out the fin holes if you want and you are done. You can put your board on the ground and walk around on it to make the grip stick to the board completely. You new grip is now finished and your board is ready to ride. Giving the glue a little while extra to dry would definitely help the grip stick better, but you could get away without doing it.

    To find out more about Kampus Wakeskates, visit them online at

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