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3Thirteen Bling Wakeskate Shoe Review

Reviewed By: Dave Barousse

3Thirteen Footwear's Bling wakeskate shoe has arrived. This shoe has a whole host of features specifically designed with the wakeskater in mind. From the quick drain sole to the inner sock, this shoe has the works.

Anyone that is passionate about a sport or hobby knows that the equipment they use play a major role in their performance. 3Thirteen Footwear has delivered a wakeskate shoe that is loaded with features that wakeskaters have been waiting for.

The Design
The Bling series is definitely different than any wakeskate show we have seen so far. With a quick glance, you can see why 3Thirteen Footwear decided to name this shoe the Bling. They have a very catchy look and could possibly be mistaken for a pair of Nike Air Jordan's, but be so quick to take these to the basketball court. This shoe is loaded with features that wakeskaters have been waiting for.

One of the most noticeable features of the shoe is the sole. The gum rubber sole is designed with a drain system on the bottom of the shoe that will allow water to drain out instead of collecting inside. This will help keep the shoes light when performing tech tricks like shovits and kickflips. The gum rubber is also boat friendly and will not leave scuff marks on the boat when walking around on the deck. The drain system is basically a series of holes in the sole that is designed to let water drain, but still hold up to wear and tear of the grip on a wakeskate.

The Bling shoe also has a very nice inner sock that form fits to your foot when you slip them on. This inner sock is very comfortable and gives a tight fit around your foot. I wasn't sure of the exact purpose of the sock, but I know that it feels good. It gives a feeling of support around your foot that I've never noticed with other shoes. 3Thirteen Footwear also placed straps or loops that connect to the inner sock that aid you when putting the shoes on. There is a loop in the front, connected to the tongue and the inner sock, and another in the back. You simply put a finger through each loop and slip the shoe right on.

3Thirteen Footwear - Bling

3Thirteen Footwear also came up with a interesting design for the laces on the shoes. They do not tie and are in one piece with a quick slide for fastening. If you are familiar with Hyperlite Byerly or 30/60 wakeboard bindings, then this lace system works very similarly. And it is definitely quick and effortless. The laces are also protected on the upper side of the foot area so that they don't get ripped up by grip tape when performing ollies or other tricks.

The Bling also comes equipped with an "ollie pad" on the outside edge of the shoe to protect that area from the grip tape. Anyone who skateboards knows how fast that area of a shoe will get worn out when not protected with extra material. If you use grip tape on your wakeskate, then this feature is a must.

When putting the Bling shoe on for the first time, I was instantly impressed by the comfort and the secure feeling of the inner sock, not to mention the ease of getting into them. We tested the shoe on both grip tape and foam top wakeskates and they worked great on both surfaces. The shoes are obviously lighter than normal shoes and are much easier to swim in. While standing on the swim platform of the boat, I lifted my foot to see how well the drain system worked. Imagine filling a bucket of water and then punching wholes in the bottom causing a "shower" effect.

The only complaint I had about the shoe is that the sole tends to come out of the shoe when taking them off wet. This can be annoying, but it is actually a good thing when you want to really let your shoes dry out. If that is the price to pay for the drain system to work properly, then it is a very small price.

The Bling shoes definitely have a unique and flashy look in the wakeskate shoe market. I personally think they are cool looking shoes and I like the different look. The shiny material will surely attract some attention to your feet and will have you saying "Bling Bling" every time you look down. The Bling come in either white or black.

3Thirteen Footwear - Bling

The Bling wakeskate shoes fit on the shelf with the high quality wakeskate shoes on the market today. They offer great wakeskating features that will help improve the performance of all wakeskaters. We would recommend these shoes to anyone interested in wakeskating. You obviously don't need a wakeskate specific shoe to ride, but if you want to have the right tools for the job, then check out the Bling shoes.

For more information about the Bling Wakeskate shoes and 3Thirteen Footwear, visit them online at

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