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Red Bull Pull

Author/Photos courtesy of: Patrick Cray
Date: 10-18-2006

On Monday, October 16th, a few wakeskaters were given the opportunity to go on a small wakeskating excursion courtesy of Red Bull. The small group of riders was identified by a Red Bull representative on FSU’s campus who eventually set up the secret session. The riders were asked to meet at an undisclosed location on campus and told to bring a towel and their wakeskates.

red bull pull 1 The do you roll?

To everyone’s surprise, the Red Bull Pinz (a 1975 german war vehicle) rolls out of no where and picks the riders up, bringing them to a small pond behind a group of fast food restaurants. The Pinz, equipped with a Grinch Winch and booming stereo system, set the tone for a perfect little session. There, the riders had the chance to ride the pond and personalize the run by adding a few shopping carts, construction barriers, and even a little hand rail.

 red bull pull 2 You've officially been warned...

The whole mission was a complete success and surpassed all of the rider’s expectations. Red Bull continues to be an industry leader and true pioneer by directly helping athletes at all levels and giving them what they need.

-Patrick Cray, FSU sport management student

red bull pull 1 The shredding commenced...

red bull pull 4 IT'S A DRAGON!! (That's an old school James Bond reference.)

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