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What Is Wakeskating?

Author: Alex Jones

What is Wakeskating? This is a question most of us wakeskaters have been asked probably ten or more times, and we usually answer with a smile on our faces. The way I've explained it in the past has been something like "a wakeskate is a cross-pollination of a wakeboard and a skateboard". Lately I've been asking myself the same question, "what is wakeskating?", and I've been searching for a true answer. The answer I'm searching for is not the same answer that I give to the curious onlookers; the answer I am searching for has a deeper meaning. And I think I've finally come close to what wakeskating is, to me at least.

Wakeskating to me is not just an activity, it's not just a sport; it truly is a way of life. I never knew how big of an impact wakeskating would have on me when I first got into it. I never knew that I would spend countless late-night hours watching videos and looking at pictures. I never knew how many lines I would go over in my head while I was lying in bed. I never knew the joy and fun that could be had being pulled behind a boat or Jet Ski (or winch), while standing on a simple wooden* board. What I did know, was that there is something special about this sport, something no other thing has ever given to me before.

When I purchased my first wakeskate, I don't think I stopped smiling for a month. This little piece of wood* has shown me that there is more to life then just money, girls, and power. That little piece of wood* propped up against my wall has shown me the better things in life. It's shown me that the simplest things give us the most joy. It's shown me that having all the money, power, and babes in the world means nothing in the end. My wakeskate has 'shown me the light', it's taught me to never give up, to always do things because I love to do them, not because it's the "cool" thing to do. It's taught me countless valuable lessons that I would have never discovered without it.

While sitting in class, I often find myself drawing pictures of someone riding. I've probably drawn a thousand rails, boxes, and kickers. I've used 4 pieces of paper to draw out the plans for a winch. I'll turn my desk into a "mini pond" and use my eraser as a wakeskate. When I drive around town and see a small pond, lake, or fountain, I automatically map out a line for a set behind the winch. The point I am trying to get at, is that no matter where I am or what I'm doing, wakeskating is with me. The sport of wakeskating has become a definite part of me. The analogy I've come up with is 'if I lost my heart, I would die. If I lost wakeskating, I would die". Now I don't mean I would literally die if I lost wakeskating, rather I would mentally die. Even if someday I can't physically ride my wakeskate, as long as I can still draw pictures, map out lines in my head, and write articles about wakeskating, I'll surely mentally survive.

And then there's that "feeling". I'm sure most of you know what I am talking about. It's that huge stoke that overpowers you after you land a big trick. It's that huge smile that randomly shows up right before you go out for a session. For those of you who know the feeling, all I can say is when you get it, embrace it, hold on to it, seize the moment, 'carpe diem', because you never know, this could be your last set. For those of you who haven't experience this feeling yet, I encourage you to take a session and dedicate it to simply having fun, it'll surely come over you then.

And finally, my words of wisdom. To those of you who have not yet tried wakeskating, try it, it will change your life for the better, I guarantee it. And my advice to those of you who call yourselves wakeskaters is to please, ask yourself the same question you get asked by people who don't have a clue. Ask yourselves "what is wakeskating?"

*my wakeskate is wood, I realize some of yours aren't, oh well...

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