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Learn The 360 Shuvit With Evan Park

After getting the backside 180 shuv down, the next logical step would be to move on to the 360 shuvit. The 360 shuvit, or "3 shuv", is usually one of the first "tech" tricks that intermediate riders learn after their regular shuvits are pretty solid. The 3 shuv is generally a simple trick, but it can be very frustrating to learn, so take your time and concentrate on what you are doing rather than just kicking a 180 shuvit extremely hard.

As Evan explains below, you want to get flat before you attempt the 3 shuv. In other words, you don't want the board to be on edge or it will not release from the water as easily to get the full 360 rotation. One tip we like to share with riders learning 3 shuvs is to get flat, but don't sink. By that, we mean that you will want to throw the trick as soon as you get off of your edge before you start to slow down and sink back down in the water. The best time to throw the trick is when you cut away from the wake on your heelside edge. Cut out, get flat and boom goes the dynamite.

Brought to you by:

Kampus Wakeskates

Before doing a backside 360 shuvit on your wakeskate, you should be able to do the following things:
1. Ollie
2. Backside 180 Pop Shuvit

Watch The Video
  • Watch Backside 360 Shuvit Trick Tip Video - (Windows Media 4.29MB)

    Performing The Trick - Backside 360 Shuvit
  • The first step to doing a 360 shuvit is to choose which way you want to do it. There are a couple ways to do it, some are harder than others but it depends on the riders style. You can do this trick in the flats, inside out, re-entry and for some riders wake to wake. The easiest way and the best way to learn a 360 shuvit are in the flats. Move your feet to the place on the skate where you would have them for a regular shuvit. Your back foot should be pretty much right at the tail, but I like my back foot just off the tail a bit. Your front foot should be up three quarters of the way on the skate. This is only a starting point. Once you do it a few times, you may find a foot position that works better for you.

    360 Shuv

  • Cut out from the trough of the wake about five feet or more out into the flats for the 3 shuv. Press down on the tail a bit more than you would for a 180 shuvit so you can get the skate high enough to get the full 360 rotation. At the same time that you are popping the skate, kick the board with your back foot. Kick the skate harder than you usually do for a regular shuv, but stay in control.

    360 Shuv

  • Remember to watch the board at all times so you can catch the skate with your feet. But also, be sure to get your feet out of the way of the skate so you don't get your feet caught up in the rotation. As the board comes around for the 360, catch it with your back foot to stop the rotation of the board and to prepare to land. Catching the skate in the air will give you more control on the landing and will look cleaner.

    360 Shuv

  • After you catch the board with your back foot, be sure to space your front foot out evenly. If you do land with your feet together use your back arm to get your balance before you try to move your feet into the normal riding position. Also, get your board on the heelside edge for better control of your landing. The last step is to ride away clean. If its your first time landing it remember to punch the air in triumph.

    360 Shuv

    Style Additions
    1. 3 Shuv over something
    2. Catch the board high off of the water
    3. Do it slow and big

    Moving On
    After learning a kickflip, you can move on to the following tricks.
    1. 360 Re-entry shuv
    2. 360 shuv indy grab
    3. Backside bigspin

    Check out more video clips and still shots of the Kampus Team killing it at

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