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Cassette Bi-Levels Are Now Shipping At Boardstop

The first batch of Cassette Bi-Level wakeskates have arrived at Boardstop and are now shipping. Preordered Bi-level wakeskates will start shipping to customers today. The remaining decks will be available on a first come, first serve basis. So get yours now from Boardstop while supply last.

Thomas Horrell with Bi-level

Cassette is once again setting new trends in the wakeskating world by introducing a Bi-Level design in 2005. The Bi-Level, co-conceptualized by Thomas Horrell and Bryan Dawley, is the first wakeskate of it's kind and is expected to reintroduce the sport of wakeskating. Bi-level is not just a name, there ae actually two levels to this deck. 1/8th inch mounts attach the top and bottom decks together in two mounting areas, which cause a fulcrum effect that, accelerates the board's lift from the water.

"Aaron Reed, Danny Hampson, Bryan Dawley and I have been extremely involved in the testing of this deck and I can't believe the results we're getting," quotes Thomas Horrell.

"We've been playing around with hydrodynamic concepts for the last two years and figured out that it wasn't about using the surface of the water to get more pop, it was about using leverage between the boards and snapping the tail of the top deck onto the harder top surface of the bottom deck", quotes Bryan Dawley.

Aaron Reed Bi-level 41

  • Buy a Bi-Level Wakeskate From Boardstop

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