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Interview With Team Cassette

By: Dave Barousse

Team Cassette riders Tim Kovacich, Cole Munster and Thomas Horrell took some time out of their busy schedules to answer a few questions for us about wakeskating. We were not able to get much out of them, but we did manage to get enough to add this article to the web site. Apparently, the minds of these Cassette team riders are focused on one thing and one thing only.....riding.

Thomas told us from the start that it would be hard to get Tim and Cole to say much in the interview, and that he may have to use his Chinese water torture technique on them until they were singing Whistling' Dixie. Thomas may have to find another torture method to get these guys to speak up, but whatever he is doing to get them to ride so well is definitely working.

Check out what goes on when three Cassette team members join in together on a interview. What's up with the 4-track? Can you explain the purpose of it and how the design works?

Thomas: Check out our website for the info on that one

Tim: I like it cause it's a pretty green.

Cole: I don't know nuthin bout no 4-trac. How much more do you think can be done with wakeskate designs? Are we pretty close to a "standard" design like skateboarding? Or do we still have years of changes to make?

Thomas: It seemed like that would be the case in wakeboarding as well a couple of years ago. Maybe all of the boards would fall into a similar shape, but again, even wakeboarding is still such a young sport and the industry so "gimmick" driven, it's hard to say.

Tim: No comment.

Cole: No comment. Is there going to be another Cassette team video?

Thomas: Do you guys want to make another cassette team video?

Tim: No Comment.

Cole: Yeah, why don't we make one... What tricks are you guys working on or close to sticking?

Thomas: Powerslides!

Tim: Oh my god, absolutely nothing!

Cole: The craziest stuff you ever imagined. Do any of you wakeboard anymore?

Thomas: Staker and i had a raley contest the other day.

Tim: I did the other day

Cole: Hell no! Do you see a need for specific wakeskate shoes?

Thomas: No comment.

Tim: I think that wakeskate shoes will make me worse at wakeskating.

Cole: It helps to have a wakeskate shoe. Do you think the popularity of wakeskating will continue to grow? Will it ever get as big as wakeboarding?

Thomas: power moves.

Tim: I don't want to answer that.

Cole: Yeah, it will cause wakeboarding's going under. Do you guys find that skateboarding helps your wakeskating?

Thomas: Uhh, yes, if you would like to believe that, yes.

Tim: Skateboarding, with a tech deck?

Cole: If you wakeskate and you can't skateboard, you're a poser. What do you guys think it will take to become a "pro" wakeskater these days?

Thomas: What's a "pro" wakeskater?

Tim: No comment.

Cole: If you got mad skillz you'll be pro. If the pro tour added a wakekskating division, would any of you guys consider riding in it?

Thomas: I would only do it if Tim and Cole said it was cool.

Tim: It would cool to go places, i guess?

Cole: Maybe, if there was money.

There you have it, Cassette team riders in deep thought. We would like to thank Thomas, Cole and Tim for taking the time to help us out with this. For more information about Cassette Wakeskates and the three team riders in this interview, you can check out their website at Also, check out our review of the newest Cassette team video, Linear Perspective.

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